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Policy :-

As a genuine supplier or a buyer, please honour and cooperate on contracts and bellow pointed matters to have business as we planned.

1. Performance of Contract: Please ensure performance of contracts as agreed and to reach buyers and sellers desires / expectations from us.

2. Shipment: There will be Shipment of Right Quality and Quantity on Right Time, but please be slight flexible in case of technical mistakes or damage during transit.

- All shipments will be analyzed at factory and also at port by our REPRESENTATIVES or by Mr. Amita . If goods do not reach contracted specifications, will not be allowed to ship at any cost. And all suppliers are bound to replace goods within 7 working days. Failure of the same will be considered FAILURE to perform the contract. SUPPLIERS will be fully responsible for any loss to any buyer due to inferior quality shipment. BUYERS will be informed always FACTS about the shipments and quality. In case of OUR Failure in doing so, please feel free to end of further business transactions.

3. Commitment of Payment and shipment: Even after any price fluctuation, we need buyers to be honour to pay for the documents and sellers to ship the right consignments. Failure in doing same will result in full stop on further business transactions.

4. Market level price: We will always work hard to quote market level price to buyers and also request suppliers not to quote uneven price.

• This will bring the business; we believe lower quotes are more dangerous than higher. This may lead supplier to compromise with quality. So, REST ASSURED that we will always quote market level prices, please avoid negotiation in this.